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Lunar Eclipse: Personal and Global Struggles

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The total lunar eclipse occurs at 5:00 am Pacific / 8:00 am Eastern at 14° Libra. It highlights a pervasive struggle in both our personal lives and in our global culture. We too often translate fear, ideological conflict and feelings of disapproval into a rabid compulsion to exert control over people. We believe that others should think, act and live differently than they are, and so we feel entitled to force them to conform to our principles. We seek to bend them to our will. With the comparatively rare exceptions of obstructing violence to one's self or others, this urge to dominate is generally destructive. The alignment of the Aries sun, the Earth and the Libra moon points the way toward mutual respect and the mature, conscious management of our own emotions. The Scales do not function correctly, or at all, if they are locked in place by force; they can only reach equilibrium if they are allowed to swing freely and fall into balance of their own accord.

- Nui

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