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Ave Maris Stella

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One of a kind

This talisman extols the healing light of the Divine Mother. She is called the Ocean Star by those who receive her guidance through storm and misfortune. Hers is the gentle, nurturing reassurance that leads the weary traveller out of the darkness and safely to the shore.

The pearl is an allegory of loving kindness. The oyster detects an irritant: a tiny, jagged shard that wanders in and creates disruption. A precious jewel emerges from simply being received, kept safe and accepted. Peridot spheres clear away emotional fatigue, self doubt, or cynicism that may inhibit the flow of joy. It supports a light heart, an open mind, and fluid grace. Rose quartz is the classic choice for emotional healing and unconditional love. It encourages self-care and assists in maintaining a warm, receptive demeanor. Rhodochrosite facilitates deep heart healing and restores a sense of humor. It allows you to clearly see which matters are important, and which are not.

Ave Maris Stella is handcrafted and charged as the Cancer moon sextiles the sun in Virgo. This celestial connection invokes a powerful nurturing energy and infinite loving kindness.

Wear this talisman to envelop yourself in infinite and unfailing love. It serves as a joyful reminder of your own divinity. It refreshes the mind, restores the spirit and lifts even the heaviest heart.

Sterling Silver Bracelet, adjustable from 7.5" to 8.5"

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