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Big Island '21 - Sample Set (6)

Big Island '21 - Sample Set (6)

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A sample set of our six new Big Island 2021 scents:

  • ~ Pueo: Short-Eared Owl ~
    Endemic to Hawaii, this beautiful brown and white owl is said to be a manifestation of Aumakua: the spirits of the Ancestors. They’re unique from other owls of the world, as they sleep through the night and hunt in daylight. The scent we’ve created to honor them opens with macadamia and coconut husk, reveals a heart of copal and pale driftwood, and rests upon a base of tan suede and warm feather musk. Wear to connect and communicate with your allies on the Other Side.
  • ~ Nai’a: Dolphin ~
    The name refers to any of three species that surround Hawaii: Spinner, Spotted, or Bottle-Nosed Dolphins. The scent we’ve created to honor them has top notes of chilled aloe, cucumber, and basil, a heart of clary, silk, and honeyed almond, with base notes of sandalwood, benzoin, and watermusk. Wear to inspire joy, playfulness, and fearless self-expression.
  • ~ Rain in Hāmākua ~
    Steep slopes and heavy rainfall protect this region of the Big Island from too much human intrusion. It flourishes with dense greenery, wild fruits, and lavish flowers that few ever see. Notes of living koa tree, lush fern, jade vine, emerald moss, dewy plumeria, and the mineral scent of falling rain. Wear to relax and release. It has a potent energetic effect of simultaneous cleansing and grounding.
  • ~ Queen’s Bath ~
    Many sites have taken this name in recent decades, but the original Queen's Bath of Kalapana was a freshwater grotto secluded in the forest, formed by a natural spring that filled a collapsed lava tube. Tragically, in 1987, it was destroyed by the Kilauea lava flow. As a child, I was fortunate to have been one of the last people to visit this sacred site. Its scent portrait balances cool floral notes of lotus, pikake, and tuberose with bracing springwater and moss-covered stone. Wear for bright blessings and to facilitate deep meditation.
  • ~ Black Sand Beach ~
    The texture of black sand is as distinctive as its color. Somehow unyielding, it’s as if each grain holds fast to the next and refuses to give way underfoot. This scent homage to the Big Island’s Black Sand beaches starts with Ceylon cinnamon, coarse-grained sea salt, and dry mission fig, settling into a heart of tumbled teak, santal, and olivewood, on a base of tonka bean, Peru balsam, patchouli, and ebon musk. Wear for grounding, renewed strength, and unwavering fortitude.
  • ~ Green Sand Beach ~
    Olivine comprises most of the sand on Papakōlea Beach, also known as Mahana Beach, lending its verdant hue to the remote volcanic coastline. In its gem form, we know this stone as Peridot: a potent healing and energizing crystal that unites the Heart and Solar Plexus chakras. Now imagine lying on an entire beach of it, being cradled by thousands of soft-tumbled grains. The scent-homage to Papakōlea Beach has top notes of lime, cardamom, ginger root, and coriander. The heart notes are green cottonflower, sun-warmed sandalwood, and teak. The base is composed of vetiver, wheatstraw, and white amber. Wear for balance, alignment, and to dissolve emotional blockages.

Set of 1 ml sample vials

Big Island Collection: Rain in Hamakua

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