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Green Tara's Earrings

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One of a kind

Protectress of all humanity and fierce advocate of women in particular, Green Tara's legend transcends cultural, geographic and historical boundaries. She guides the evolution of the spirit through compassion and humor, conferring infinite blessings of joy.

Emerald is the quintessential stone of the Divine Feminine. It nourishes and strengthens the heart, allowing for fearless receptivity. Healing to the emotions and soothing to the mind, this formidable stone attracts both tender love and abundant wealth.

Green Tara's Earrings are handcrafted and charged as Venus steps into her Exaltation in Pisces. Here, the Celestial Leading Lady illuminates the vast, Universal webwork of emotion that connects all minds and hearts. Her benevolent powers to create wealth, pleasure, beauty, art, alliances and love are at their absolute height.

Wear to receive the highest blessings of the Goddess in all of her forms. They awaken the inherent divinity within. They are particularly helpful when worn while engaging in spellwork for romance or prosperity.

Sterling silver french wire earrings

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