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Hers was an unbridled kind of elegance, fiercely feminine and unabashedly brilliant. Her formal portrait depicts her striding barefoot through the everglades, a diaphanous seafoam gown dancing about her in the sultry twilight.

Pink pearl is protective and nurturing. It provides reassurance and frees one to act fearlessly according to ones own true will. Rose gold vibrates at the frequency of peaceful contentment, attracting kindness and warding off negativity.

Millicent is named for my fabulous and formidable grandmother. Her earrings are handcrafted and charged on her birthday, September 17th.

Wear these talismans to shed trepidation, embrace your greatness and stride boldly into your authentic power. They are a constant reminder that you are strong and you are loved.

Rose Gold-Filled French Wire Earrings

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