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Mother of Mercy Earrings

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series of 2

Mediatrix of Grace and earthly embodiment of divine love, she heals the shattered heart and lifts it from despair. Her kindness is absolute and unconditional, restoring hope and igniting the spirit.

Peach pearl is gentle, protective, and supremely nurturing. It provides reassurance and frees one to act fearlessly according to ones own true will. Pink moonstone amplifies intuition, supports self-care, and stabilizes emotions.

Mother of Mercy is handcrafted and charged as the Libra moon trines Venus in Gemini, gracing us with the power to reach a peaceful accord. Their connection repairs relationships and facilitates diplomacy.

Wear these talismans to invoke loving kindness and the spirit of cooperation. They assist in cultivating healthy, fulfilling, and equitable relationships. They're particularly helpful in healing injured hearts and making amends.

Sterling Silver french wire earrings

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