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One of a kind

On the path to enlightenment, we look deeply into the luminous center of the Self, holding our gaze with discipline and devotion. The mind matures, unfolds and becomes ever more clear. A perfect unity is revealed in the individual soul and the boundless whole of creation, inseparable, like drops of water taken into the vast and fathomless ocean.

Amethyst engages the wisdom of the Higher Self. This royal purple gemstone sends healing energy directly where it is needed and instills a sense of lasting peace. It supports clarity, balance and the perfect alignment of one’s energies. Attuned to the higher mind as well as the physical plane, it facilitates rapid manifestation of one’s wishes.

Satori is handcrafted and charged under the auspices of the Scorpio moon trine to Neptune in Pisces. This harmonious transit allows the soul’s essence to rise up into conscious awareness. It is a most magickal and transformational energy.

This talisman is created for truth seekers and those who actively cultivate expanded consciousness. It enhances every act of ritual, prayer, art or meditation. It offers powerful, loving support in the attainment of peace.

19.5" Sterling Silver necklace

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