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Series of 2

Cascading from the urn of Truth, stars fall to Earth and spark illumination. The mind scintillates with new awareness and unfolds in epiphany.

Iolite empowers the third eye, encouraging clear and rapid transmission from highest Guidance. It grants access to divine consciousness and distills vast, sophisticated concepts into succinct articulation. Aquamarine sustains the flow between the heart and throat chakras. It shields against emotional discord, maintaining openness and receptivity. Blue chalcedony soothes and opens the throat chakra. It sustains the flow of psychic energy in balance with the intellect. Amethyst engages the wisdom of the Higher Self. It sends healing energy directly where it’s needed and instills a lasting sense of peace. Blue sapphire cleanses atmospheric energies and supports intuition. In Vedic Astrology, this stone is sacred to Saturn who presides over beginnings, endings and manifested reality.

Wellspring is handcrafted and charged upon the sun's entry into Aquarius. When the sign of the Water Bearer is illuminated, our thoughts are lucid and perception is expanded. This light nourishes the deep wisdom within us and grants us conscious access to infinite knowledge.

Wear this talisman during rituals of divination, meditation, spellcraft or healing. It is a powerful conduit of spiritual force and facilitates the channeling of higher entities. Chanting, singing and the spoken word becomes vastly more potent under its influence.

16.5" Sterling Silver necklace

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