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All Aglow

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Self-care is what keeps you dashing through the snow with red lips, rosy cheeks and boundless energy. If only you could find the time and motivation to keep up with it. A little winter magick can be just the think to keep you in the pink.    

Peach pearl is protective and nurturing. It provides reassurance and frees one to act fearlessly according to one's own true will. Strawberry quartz is a man-made glass that supports and strengthens the mind-body-spirit-heart connection. It works beautifully to integrate all forms of vital energy and affect powerful holistic healing.

All Aglow are handcrafted and charged under the auspices of the waxing moon in Taurus sextile to newly direct Neptune in Pisces. This celestial connection balances radiant physical health with deeply rooted spiritual well-being.

Wear these talismans in support of all of your self-care rituals. Their nourishing energy maintains a consistent flow of vitality and deep peace. They are supremely supportive in times of stress or in recovering from illness. They help to restore health on every level.

Gold-filled french wire earrings

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