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Subtle, smart, a breath of fresh air. The epitome of elegance with a stiletto wit. Venus breezes into Libra with a keen eye and effortless grace.

Turquoise is a sacred stone of friendship and equality. It vibrates at the frequency of mutual respect, open communication, and the ardent pursuit of understanding. It opens the path between the heart and throat chakras, allowing the heart and the intellect to work together. Amazonite is pacifying, soothing and imparts a deep sense of tranquility. It dispels social anxiety and helps you to feel receptive at ease with all people.

handcrafted and charged as Venus enters her domicile in Libra. Here, the Celestial Lady's talent for tact and diplomacy shines through. She beckons us into sparkling conversations with intriguing strangers and assists in reaching agreements with former adversaries.

Wear this talisman when meeting new people to make an excellent first impression and feel relaxed. It brings surprising success in auditions, job interviews, business presentations, and first dates.

sterling silver bracelet, adjustable from 7" to 8"

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