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Chiron, gifted healer and wisest of the legendary Centaurs, brings the dimension of wisdom and meaning to the noble pursuit of knowledge. He serves as mentor to the greatest heroes of classical mythology, and personifies the very height of intellectual and spiritual enlightenment.

Blue kyanite is one of the few healing stones that never needs cleansing, as it moves energy swiftly and smoothly to maintain its own energy as well as that of other stones. It facilitates meditation, concentration, and insight. Blue chalcedony is soothing and supportive of the throat chakra, allowing truth to come easily into consciousness as well as into speech. It increases the flow of intuition to align with logic.

Centaurus are handcrafted and charged as Chiron stations direct in Pisces. His rare moment of stillness in the compassionate sign of The Fish provides access to fathomless wisdom and boundless intelligence.

Wear these talismans during divination and healing as well as academic or occult studies. They provide expanded access to profound knowledge and the capacity to integrate what is learned.

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