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Fae Folk & Otherworldly Beings '22 - Sample Set

Fae Folk & Otherworldly Beings '22 - Sample Set

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A sample set of our five Fae Folk & Otherworldly Beings 2022 scents:

~ Banshee ~
In Celtic folklore this wailing woman of the Otherworld is a messenger of imminent death. Her cries echo the sacred tradition of Keening to mourn the passing of a loved one.
Primrose over rain-soaked soil, emerald moss, ancient oakwood, mountain gorse, and lamb’s wool accord.
Wear this phantasmic potion in times of grief that it may heal your heart and free you from sorrow.

~ Lamia ~
A mighty Queen of Libya cursed by jealous gods to feed forever upon the blood of mortals.
Smoldering dragon’s blood resin, scarlet musk, ginger-spiced honey, black tonka, ylang ylang, apricot skin, and patchouli.
Wear this seductive scent to attract lovers, or to hold sway over people in power.

~ Gnome ~
The Scandinavian little people who tend to their respective aspects of Nature, or the elemental spirit of Earth according to Paracelsus.
Vetiver root reaching deep through fertile soil, deerhide accord, blackest oudh, guaiac wood, aged oak, and cold grey stone.
Wear this scent for grounding, stability, and to encourage growth of earthly wealth.

~ Sphynx ~
A formidable creature of great wisdom and ferocity.
Golden plum preserves, amber resin, warm santal, guaiac wood, frankincense, and a slender twist of yellow mandarin.
Wear this enchanted scent to sharpen the mind, make muddled thoughts clear, and quicken the wit.

~ Rusalka ~
The vengeful Slavic river spirit who drowns any man who brings harm to a woman.
The brisk scent of salty tears and ambergris accord, sacred benzoin, blue lotus, gently smoldering birchwood, and iced white tea.
Wear this bracing aquatic to invoke the powers of Justice and Equity, keeping them close as protective guardians.
A percentage of all profits from this scent will go to support Ukrainian people and families displaced by the current Russian invasion.

Set of 1 ml sample vials

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