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one of a kind

Safe and warm, accepted and protected, all fear dissolves in the presence of love. A sacred space overflowing with the wisdom and compassion of the Divine.

Delicate rose petals in sunset hues convey endearment and devotion. They're extolled in many magickal traditions for their power to attract earthly pleasures and encourage intimacy. Star jasmine induces a calm, restful state that brings on restorative sleep. It facilitates lucid dreaming and amplifies psychic talents.

Sanctuary is handcrafted and charged as Venus enters Cancer, bringing an abundance of love and beauty to the innermost core of our being. In the house of the Moon, Venus heals the heart, nurtures the Inner Child, and empowers intuition.

Wear this talisman to invoke deep inner peace and emotional stability. It confers the feeling of being at home with yourself and comfortable in your own skin. It also offers tremendous support in recovery from emotional trauma.

2" x 1" Silver plated pendant and 18" silver plated chain

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