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Merry and Bright

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series of 9

Candles in the window cast a sparkle on the newly fallen snow. Children whisper long into the night, listening closely for sleigh bells. The breathless anticipation, the spirit of togetherness, they burn in brilliant defiance of the cold.  

Winter white roses invoke purity and unconditional love. Silvery sage enhances wisdom and peace of mind. Flowering rosemary supports the memory while bringing clarity and consciousness. The zest of sweet Meyer lemon is uplifting and maintains a bright, clear energy throughout the home.

Merry and Bright is handcrafted from home-grown botanicals and charged under the Full Moon in Gemini, whose light inspires wit, childlike wonder and playful curiosity.

Hang this talisman in your home to banish the winter blues and make each new day merrier. It inspires laughter, goodwill and mutual understanding.

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