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The Scent of Fir Trees

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one of a kind

Nothing captures the spirit of the season quite like the bracing scent of evergreen on the crisp winter wind. It enlivens the mind and conjures warm memories, even in the depths of December: a truly magickal transformation of darkness into light.

Petite freshwater pearls are suspended in graceful shades of ivory and sage. They are an allegory of loving kindness, supporting the very deepest, soul-level healing and nourishing the living seed of renewed joy. Vivid emerald vibrates with benevolence and beauty. It nourishes the heart chakra and encourages gratitude. Pale peridot spheres clear away emotional fatigue, self doubt and cynicism.  They supports a light heart, an open mind, and effortless grace.

The Scent of Fir Trees is handcrafted and charged under the auspices of the exalted Full Moon in Taurus. In the verdant fields of The Bull, Luna finds her optimal expression. She resonates with a deeply-rooted sense of boundless love and abiding peace.

Wear this talisman to support a hopeful, optimistic perspective and to cultivate deep appreciation. It is remarkably helpful in healing and strengthening relationships, nurturing mutual respect and compassion.

Sterling silver bracelet adjustable from 7.5" to 8.5"

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